Survey of traps is viewed through a link with another site.  You may either click on the web address or button below.  There are 40 views of approximately 11 different trap designs.  Some traps include more than one view.  Hogs in photos included here were trapped at that site site - not staged.  (Really wish for three photos - unusual catches.)

One does not need to login into the site to view the trap photos. - (Login is protected)

To open the photo album: Click on the title of the album Survey_of_Traps located to the right of the feral hog photo.  This will open the album to thumbnail photos.  There are five pages of photos.

When visiting the photo gallery:

Photos may be enlarged by placing cursor on photo.  Click on the photo when the hand shows.  The viewer can then either proceed to view other photos in the enlarged mode by hitting the next button or return to the the thumbnail photos by hitting back on the browser and then repeat.

 Please see Home Page and Guide to Trapping for recommendations on traps.