Dedicated to Changing the Face of Feral Hog Trapping -

There is more to trapping feral hogs or wild hogs and wild boar than merely getting a trap or some cattle panels and T-posts as a means of trying to control this pesky issue.  Information presented on this site is a compilation of experiences, discussions and observations from a particular perspective.  Much of the information is neither new or original but is included here as a comprehensive approach.  There are some new twists and information presented that can improve the trapping experience.

Highlights of the Guide to Trapping

  • There are rules for understanding the Guide, which include that there are always exceptions to the rules and the trapper should decide whether to play, manage, or control.
  • Traps should be larger, more portable, with large entry doors set on trails and include back doors to load out the hogs.
  • Combine trapping with controlled or guided exclusion for best results.

Nine (9) aspects to consider when building or selecting a trap and then setting it:

  • Time, energy, and resources (or lack thereof) to acquire and manage the trap
  • Balanced with need or desire for safety, capacity, and portability
  • and what to do with the hogs when trapped: Shoot, Wrestle, or Load

Survey of Traps links to a Photo Album that looks at different kinds of traps and illustrates some unique creations.

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